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Nehru College of Engineering and Research Centre is located on the northern slopes of Thiruvilwamala, which merges into the banks of the holy river Nila (Bharathapuzha). This undulating terrain of 40 acres with lush green vegetation is continuously swept and hugged by the gentle northern breeze that bring the purity, serenity Mission : To mould our youngsters into Millennium leaders not only in Technological and Scientific fields but also to nurture and strengthen the innate goodness and humane nature in them, to equip them to face the future challenges in technological breakthroughs and information explosions.

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About Us



The Prestigious Nehru College of Engineering & Research Centre is located at Pampady, Thiruvilwamala in Thrissur District, where the famous and ancient Sree Rama Temple is located. This is a Serene, natural, and beautiful and Pollution free hamlet which lies on the banks of the holy river Nila.This area has plenty of folklores and mythological stories behind it. The extend of land of Nehru College of Engineering & Research Centre on the northern slopes of Thiruvilwamala hill is 40 acres. This terrain belongs to tropical rain forests category. Presently there are a few patches of natural forests, plantations and other Vegetations that have been kept intact in this area.

The Whole Campus has been beautifully landscaped without disturbing natural topography. This gives an impression of Hanging Gardens of Babylon when one looks from a distance.




Nehru College of Engineering & Research Centre is the gift of our Founder Chairman Shri.P.K.Das to the people of this country in general and the people of Kerala in particular Understanding the difficulty of the average student belonging to middle and lower middle class people in this locality and to facilitate them to pursue professional studies, and to bring these children to the forefront of the society, his intension culminated in starting an Engineering College here in 2002.Further the College has been the Catalyst of tremendous economic boost in this sleepy village of Pampady. Areas around Pampady have metamorphosed in to towns with classic amenities shopping malls and star hotels. The large expanses of landscaped grounds of the campus individuals. Career Guidance & Placement Unit is playing a very prominent role in NCERC giving placement training and organizing campus interviews every year. Apart from training and guidance to students on career related matters and assisting them in exploring new oppurtunities,each year job fairs are conducted in the College Campus. In addition to NCERC, other engineering colleges are also getting chances to participate in these mega events.




   To mold our youngsters into Millennium Leaders not only in Technological and Scientific Fields but also to nurture and strengthen the innate goodness and humane nature in them, to equip them to face the future challenges in technological breakthroughs and information explosions and deliver the bounties of frontier knowledge for the benefit of humankind in general and the down-trodden and underprivileged in particular as envisaged by our great Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.




    To build a strong Centre of Excellence in Learning and Research in Engineering and Frontier Technology, to facilitate students to learn and imbibe discipline, culture and spirituality, besides encouraging them to assimilate the latest technological knowhow and to render a helping hand to the under privileged, thereby acquiring happiness and imparting the same to others without any reservation whatsoever and to facilitate the College to emerge into a magnificent and mighty launching pad to turn out technological giants, dedicated research scientists and intellectual leaders of the society who could prepare the country for a quantum jump in all fields of Science and Technology.




  • To become a Centre of Excellence in Information and Communication Technology.
  • To have collaboration with Technological Universities in the world.
  • To be a center for training people in advanced technologies in Mechanical, Automobile, Electrical, Electronics, Computer Engineering and Management.




  • To develop   infrastructural facilities on most modern lines.
  • To equip the younger generation with high caliber engineers and innovative thinkers.
  • To provide facilities for teachers for advanced training in pedagogy and industrial knowledge.
  • To expose students to real world situations besides classroom/ laboratory teaching.
  • To develop Industry-Institute Interaction, thereby developing   innovations   and   providing consultancies.

To have closer interaction with several Professional Bodies and expose our students to the latest development in Technology.




There are 6 Academic buildings apart from various hostels and quarters that cater to the various needs of Nehru College of Engineering & Research Centre. These Blocks are named after Ancient Indian Scientists, Astronomers and Philosophers.




“Aryabhatta” named after master Astronomer Aryabhatta, is the new academic Block and is a 6 storied top class building with lift faculty having built up area of 1.25 lakhs sq ft costing about Rs.7.25 Crores. This building is the main block housing 7 U.G Departments,7 P.G Departments ,Academic Office ,Conference room, Board room, Principal’s chamber, Vice Principal’s room ,Cabins of Faculty Members ,Seminar Hall, Eight Computer Laboratories ,Tutorial Rooms and all other amenities.




The Old main building with a built up area of 100 lakh sq ft is named after Bhasaracharya,a genius in Algeria. The building houses Board room, Conference room, Director’s chamber, Faculty cabins, tutorial rooms, first year class rooms, Electronics laboratories, drawing halls,multi gym, billiards room and store.




This block named after the ancient Indian Astronomer Brahmagupta has a total of 30,000 sq ft. Area and the block comprise a main Auditorium in the second floor with a seating capacity of 1000, a Library with a seating capacity of 400 and a Modern Automobile Workshop of 10,000 sq ft on the ground floor.




The main workshop building has an area of 30,000 sq ft and is named as “Varahmihira”, an eminent astrologer and astronomer. This block houses the 10 Laboratories and Workshops of Mechanical Engineering Department, 6 Laboratories of Automobile Engineering Department and 4 Laboratories of Electrical Engineering Department.




The Block named after Kapila, known as the Father of cosmology and the founder of Sankhya Philosophy has an area of 60,000 sq ft.This block houses MBA & MCA Departments, MBA Director’s chamber, Board room, Tutorial rooms, Faculty cabins, class rooms, Seminar halls, PG Library, Yoga hall and Computer laboratories.




The Canteen named after the mythological King Nala, who had been renowned for culinary expertise has a built up area of 18,000 sq ft this is a 3 storied building with most modern and hygienic Kitchen facilities.




Ladies hostel block A is named after Kamala Kaul Nehru the wife of Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru. This block can house 300 students.




The B Block of Women’s Hostel is named after our illustrious former Prime Minister Smt.Indira Gandhi. This Block can accommodate around 100 students. Air-conditioned rooms are available for students on first come first serve basis.




The hostel C is named after Kasturba Gandhi the wife of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. This hostel can accommodate 500 students and various recreational facilities are made available, for all the hostlers in this block.




PG Hostel for MBA & MCA boys are located adjacent to the campus with an intake of 100 students on twin sharing basis with all facilities.




Men’s hostel can accommodate around 300 students. Deluxe and semi deluxe rooms are available. Well arranged and spacious mess halls and kitchen meet all the demands of inmates in time without compromising on hyginie.Various recreational facilities are made available here as well.




Sivasree Apartments, the Guest House of NCERC with all modern facilities has been used as residential quarters for faculty members.

The College has several laboratories and workshops as per the AICTE norms. They are:


Applied Sciences


  • Chemistry Laboratory
  • Physics Laboratory


Mechanical and Automobile


  • Civil Engineering Workshop
  • Mechanical Engineering Workshop
  • Strength of Materials Laboratory
  • Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Laboratory
  • Production Engineering Laboratory 1 & 2
  • Heat Transfer Laboratory
  • Heat Engines Laboratory
  • Thermal Engineering Laboratory
  • Machine Shop
  • CNC Machines Laboratory
  • CAD/CAM Laboratory
  • Metrology Laboratory
  • Instrumentation Laboratory
  • Auto-Chassis Laboratory
  • Vehicle Reconditioning Laboratory
  • Advanced Measurement Laboratory


Electrical, Electronics and Communication:


  • Electrical Workshop
  • Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory
  • Electrical Machines Laboratory
  • Electrical Measurements Laboratory
  • Advanced Electrical Engineering Laboratory
  • System Simulation Laboratory
  • Basics Electronics Laboratory
  • Electronics Circuits Laboratory
  • Linear Integrated Circuits Laboratory
  • Digital Electronics Laboratory
  • Microprocessor & Micro Controller Laboratory
  • Analog Communications Laboratory
  • Digital Communication Laboratory
  • Advanced Communication Laboratory
  • MAT Lab Computer Science & IT
  • Programming Laboratory
  • Programming Environment Laboratory
  • Programming Paradigms Laboratory
  • Data Structures Laboratory
  • Hardware Laboratory
  • Compiler Laboratory
  • Systems Laboratory
  • Networks Laboratory
  • Graphics and Multimedia Laboratory
  • Visual Programming Laboratory
  • Cyber Laboratory M.Tech Labs
  • Data Structures Laboratory
  • Dbms Laboratory
  • Compiler Laboratory
  • Networks Laboratory
  • NS2 Laboratory
  • Rational Rose Laboratory
  • Operational Systems Laboratory
  • Advanced Communication Laboratory
  • VLSI Laboratory
  • Computer Aided Design of VLSI Circuits Laboratory
  • Advance Measurements Laboratory
  • CAD Laboratory
  • Power Electronics Laboratory
  • Energy System Laboratory Others
  • Language Lab


A Variety of teaching techniques are used in this college through out the Programme with emphasis on Lectures, supporting tutorials and laboratory classes.Continous assessment forms a major part of the teaching learning process. The faculty guides the students both for group as well as individual Projects. We have a very rigorous system of continuous monitoring and evaluation of the quality of the students.

We are continuously striving to imbibe quality and character in the students, so that they can always be assured that they are getting value added inputs from the campus life here. This is just one example of what NCERC is whatever you are looking for from your chosen place of study, you can reset assured that NCERC is committed to offer you personal support and guidance through out your course of study here.