Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering started our journey in the year 2002. Since then we have grown our expertise and competence in the core Mechanical Engineering curriculum. The department of Mechanical Engineering has a strong Undergraduate Program in Mechanical Engineering (B.Tech) and a Post Graduate level program (M.Tech) in Machine Design. The primary focus of our curriculum is to impart technical know-how to students, promote their problem solving skills, innovation of new technologies etc. Our department has distinguished record in teaching. NCERC is one of the leading institutes in Kerala and is known to be the best in Palakkad-Thrissur region. The department have a group of experienced and enthusiastic teaching faculties and lab facilities with experienced lab staff, which in turn boosts the teaching-learning process. The department has structured an ambience of togetherness and cohesiveness.

Dr.George Job K (BE,ME,Ph.D)

The Department of Mechanical Engineering being one of the versatile departments of the Institute is well equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories for providing hands on training to all the Students at Under-graduate, Post-graduate and PhD levels. The Department lays emphasis primarily on preparing the students to accomplish focused expertise in areas of their choice.

We are transforming our students with a perfect balance of intellectual and real-world experiences that help them in serving the demands from our society. Academic course works and projects are designed to endow students with the ability to apply the knowledge of Science, Mathematics and Engineering and the capability to work effectively in multi-disciplinary teams exhibiting leadership and technical skills.

Both Undergraduates and Postgraduates are placed in prominent industries and notable cluster of them are pursuing higher education in National and International Institutions. We will catch you up with updated information about the upgrades in our research facilities and department events then and there through our web page.

VISION : Producing internationally competitive Mechanical engineers with social responsibilities and sustainable employability through viable strategies as well as competent exposure oriented quality education

MISSION : Imparting high impact education by providing conducive teaching learning environment. Fostering effective modes of continuous learning process with moral and ethical values. Enhancing leadership qualities with social commitment, professional attitude, unity and harmony as e spirit- de corps, and communication skill. Introducing present scenario in research and development through collaborative efforts blended with industry and institution.

Program Educational Objectives (PEO’s)

Graduates will have:

  • Competent profession in Mechanical and related Industries, Research based Academics and business firms.
  • Gestures of leadership qualities to match with the rapid changes in the context of global phenomenon.
  • Qualities of excelling industrial or academic work in mechanical engineering and related fields.
  • Abilities of practicing their profession with ethical means and dynamic involvement in the activities of the profession.
  • Competent adoptability for introducing upcoming technologies and sustaining in their employment with recent trends in their fields.
Why You Chose NCERC for Mechanical Branch?

Since its inception, the results in terms of academics and career endeavours of students have been very positive and phenomenal. The intellectual capital of NCERC credits the platform of resource mobilization. The faculty here is competent in terms of qualification and experience and effective in terms of imparting professional learning practices. They have been able to build the finest and the best practices in academics. The teaching process here is just not constrained to the notional lecture method, but includes research work, surveys, projects, industry interface and many more. There is a sincere desire in every faculty fraternity to update academic resources.

  • CAD Lab

    A well-equipped lab with 32 PCs opens a world of design and analysis in Mechanical Engineering to students in a wide range of software including CAD, CATIA, SolidWorks, etc. This will help them imbibe knowledge about both diverse fields.

  • Manufacturing Technology Lab

    The students are presented with hands on approach to various basic Mechanical Engineering processes and the machines used to perform it,including Lathe, Shaper, Milling Machine, Grinding Machine,etc. A basic knowledge about the performance and operations of these machines will help the pupils in the long run.

  • Material Testing Lab

    This lab consists of both Destructive Testing and Non-Destructive Testing machines like the Universal Testing Machine, Brinell Hardness Testing Machine, Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine etc. Tests performed on machines in this lab will help identify Mechanical Properties like tensile strength, hardness, compressive strength etc.

  • Fluid Mechanics Lab

    This lab deals with the basic principles involved in fluid flow and the experiments related to the same. Flow through pipes, channels, notches, etc are evaluated using highly sophisticated machines including Bernoulli’s Apparatus and Venturimeter.

  • Fluid Machinery Lab

    The understanding about various turbines and pumps is very important for a Mechanical Engineer. The working of various turbines (Pelton Turbine, Francis Turbine, etc) and pumps light up a world of opportunities in regard with the principles of these hydraulic machines.

  • Heat Engines Lab

    The working of various heat engines is studied here. These include petrol engine, diesel engine, etc. They are subjected to different tests under varying conditions and the results are tabulated and analysed to understand the performance of these machines.

  • Heat Transfer Lab

    Heat transfer modes like convection and conduction are displayed and experimented in accordance with standard safety instructions here. Experiments concerning Heat exchangers help the students understand this complex process in an elementary manner.

  • MechVeda is the official name of the association for Mechanical Engineering.
  • MechVeda is presided under the HoD (ME) and all students and faculties in Mechanical Engineering are its members. We have a faculty coordinator and student coordinator for organizing the events.
  • MechVeda serves as a great platform for the students to showcase their technical skills as well as to conduct various recreational activities.
  • Various socially committed activities like blood donation camps and services to college are also encouraged as part of MechVeda.