Mechatronics Engineering


  • The department of mechatronics of NCERC is successful in providing the students with high quality education and opportunities. The best opportunity provided for them is to help them start a company under NGI New-Gen IEDC.

    Stating “Startup Rankers”

  • SOWAFIS(Soap Water Filtration System) - Soap Water Filtration System (SOWAFIS) provides unique way of filtration process with clustering up of moden and traditional filtration process in a reasonable low cost with easy implementation. The Filtration methods help to recycle the soapy waste water with removing the contaminating elements and obtain water with sufficient quality to be used to wash the utensils, to resue the swimming pool water and also for the irrigation purpose.

    Founder(s): Shahrooque Shahjahan, Midhun Headly Lawrance

    Company Name : Orbcrux

    Fund granted from NewGen IEDC : 2.5 lachs

  • Automated Portable Vertical Solar Stacker - Automated and Portable Vertical Solar Stacker (APVSS) is a mechanical design used to increase the space efficiency in installing the solar panels. In today's world solar energy become a very important source of renewable energy. A large area of land is utilised for installing the solar panels for high scale renewable energy production. It works on the principle of reflection by the mirrors.

    Founder(s) : Anas Mohammed Ali, Mrudul Mohandas A, Rahul K R, Mohammed Asarudheen S

    Company Name : Furitech Innovations

  • Advanced PCB Printing Technology without Etching - PCB is one of the base factors of electronics. Conventionally we print these by marking and etching method. But this method is highly costly causes pollution it takes more time to print a single piece and it makes material wastage also. In our technology we avoid etching process and make the printing faster and cheaper. It causes less pollution and low material wastage.

    Founder(s) : Akshay M S, Suryakanth Shenoi R

    Company Name : Lewenholk Technologies

  • Mohammed Favas M (2nd Year) won Gold Medal in National South West kick boxing championship 2020 held at Maharashtra.

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