Department of Computer Science and Engineering

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering was established in the year 2002 with the mission to educate students from all over India, including those from rural areas, so that they become enlightened individuals, improving living standard for their family, industry and society. The Department emphasizes close interactions between the students and the faculty members who are dedicated to education and actively engaged in participation that enriches the educational programs. INFOSYS CAMPUS CONNECT PROGRAM is one among the prominent industrial relation program maintained since few years.

The Department offers B.Tech and M.Tech programs in Computer Science and Engineering stream which includes:

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering
M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering
M.Tech in Cyber Security
Department Vision

Producing Highly Competent, Innovative and Ethical Computer Science and Engineering Professionals to facilitate continuous technological advancement.

Department Mission
  • To Impart Quality Education by creative Teaching Learning Process.
  • To promote cutting-edge Research and Development Process to solve real world problems with emerging technologies.
  • To Inculcate Entrepreneurship Skills among Students.
  • To cultivate Moral and Ethical Values in their Profession.
Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)
  • Graduates will be able to Work and Contribute in the domains of Computer Science and Engineering through lifelong learning.
  • Graduates will be able to Analyze, design and development of novel Software Packages, Web Services, System Tools and Components as per needs and specifications.
  • Graduates will be able to demonstrate their ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment by learning and applying new technologies.
  • Graduates will be able to adopt ethical attitudes, exhibit effective communication skills, Teamwork and leadership qualities.
Programme outcomes (PO)
  • Apply the knowledge of Mathematics, Science, and Computer Science and Engineering to solve complex engineering problems related to Design, Development, Testing and Maintenance of Software and System Tools.
  • Identify, Analyze and Formulate complex Computer Science and Engineering problems to achieve significant conclusions by applying Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Computer Science and Engineering Principles and Technologies.
  • Design and construct software system, programme, component or process to meet the desired needs within the realistic constraints.
  • Use research based knowledge and research methods to perform Literature Survey, design experiments for complex problems in designing, developing and maintaining computing systems, collect data from experimental outcome, analyze and interpret the interesting patterns and to provide effective conclusions.
  • Create, select and apply appropriate state-of-the-art Tools and Techniques in designing, developing, testing and validating Computing Systems, Tools and Components.
  • Assess the societal, health, security, legal and cultural issues that might arise during Professional Practice in Computer Science and Engineering.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of sustainable development of Software, Components, Tools, Computing Systems and Solutions with an understanding of the impact of these engineering solutions on society and environment.
  • Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of the engineering practice of Computer Science and Engineering.
  • Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in multi-disciplinary teams, and strive to achieve common goals.
  • Communicate effectively with engineering community and society and be able to comprehend and write effective reports and documents, make effective presentations and give and receive clear instructions.
  • Apply knowledge of the Engineering and Management principles to one’s own work, as a member and leader in a team, to manage projects in Multidisciplinary Teams.
  • Recognize the need for lifelong learning to cope up with the rapidly emerging Cutting Edge Technologies in Computer Science and Engineering and its allied Engineering application domains.
Career Scope

Upon completion of the undergraduate studies, two options stay ahead of the students: find a job or pursue higher studies. They have lot of options to work in IT industry as Software Developers, Hardware Engineers, Software Testing, System Designer, System Analyst, Networking Engineers, Database Administrator, Security analyst, etc.

Work: Computer science placements are excellent because of the large service providers such as TCS, CTS, Wipro, Infosys, etc. They hire students in large numbers not just from computer science department but also from other departments such as chemical, civil, mechanical and electrical. Apart from software, internet and IT industry, there are other sectors such as data analytics, banking, oil and gas, manufacturing etc. that hires a lot of CS students for their IT needs. Also, Indian startup scene is growing rapidly and these companies are in need for smart and bright software fresher’s and professionals. Many computer science students who are interested in quantitative research, banking and finance join such firms.

Studies: Since computer science is based on the fundamentals of mathematics, computer science students have excellent critical reasoning and quantitative skills, which are of use not just in the software and IT sectors but also in other areas such as banking, management etc. For this reason, many students prefer to do their MS in computer science or an MBA from a reputed institution in India. For masters, specializations in computer science are as follows: artificial intelligence, real world computing, human computer interaction, mobile and internet computing, computer vision etc. Many students even do their higher studies in allied areas of computer science such as bioinformatics, applied mathematics, electronics and computer engineering etc. Some students even do their MS in information systems management or engineering management. Students who are interested in doing their M.Tech in India also have great opportunities as many institutions provide excellent post-graduate programs in computer science and enlighten their interest in teaching career and also in the research field.

News & Events
  • National Seminar on Blockchain
    8th August 2019
    By CSE

    A national seminar on the topic "Blockchain" was conducted by Department of Computer Science & Engineering on 8th August 2019. The session was handled by Senior block chain developer,QLabs. The seminar was very helpful for students to know more about blockchain and latest technologies used in it.

  • Webinar on Basic and Object oriented programming with Python
    21st to 28th August 2017
    By Infosys

    Webinar on Basic and Object oriented programming with Python from 21st to 28th August 2017 by Infosys.

  • Orientation Programme on C Programming.
    July, 2016

    Two weeks orientation Programme on C Programming on July, 2016.

  • One day workshop on Basics of Microsoft Office and Multimedia Tools
    July, 2016

    One day workshop on Basics of Microsoft Office and Multimedia Tools on July, 2016.

  • Two day workshop on C Programming and Data Structures
    December, 2015

    Two day workshop on C Programming and Data Structures in December, 2015.

  • Staff Seminar on Internet and Java Foundation Programming and Introduction to Soft Computing
    December, 2015

    Staff Seminar on Internet and Java Foundation Programming and Introduction to Soft Computing in December, 2015.


The department has well equipped and maintained Air Conditioned Laboratories powered with efficiently configured computers that are equipped with various software’s and other tools relevant for the syllabus. Internet, Wi-Fi, and Laboratory facilities are available for staff and students round the clock. We are facilitated with all the programming languages like Python, C, C++, Java, HTML, PHP, etc. and also tools like digital forensic and cyber security related ones that are provided under the five labs namely Advanced System Software Lab, Advance Computing Lab, CASIT Lab, Web Technology Lab, Computing Lab and Cyber Security Lab along with the Net Lab that students use for their project and seminar related works. As per the syllabus of the university these labs function as:

  • C Programming Lab
  • Data Structures Lab
  • Free and Open Source Software Lab
  • Network Programming Lab
  • System Software Lab
  • Application Software Development Lab
  • Compiler Lab
  • Programming Lab
  • Object-Oriented Programming Lab
  • Systems Lab
  • IOT lab : An IOT Lab was set up for the M.Tech Students

Department of Computer Science and Engineering imparts the need of innovative ideas and learning methodology through association activities. It undertakes endless creativity and interest in each group of students. Each batch of students from the department takes up the association with the final year students being the torch bearers of the association. Each year the association activities begin with the association inauguration followed by the department activities, and few of the recent ones are as follows:

  • 2019
  • Association Inaguration - ENIGMA 2.0

    The association of department of Computer Science & Engineering - "ENIGMA 2.0" was officially inaugurated on 4th September 2019. The Chief guest for the inauguration function was Mr. Shijo John (Founder, Crypters Infosystems & Solutions). Enigma 2.0 is a gateway for students to acquire latest skills and technologies, industry related abilities etc. Session was also arranged for students regarding various latest technologies.

  • 2018
  • The National level Techfest RUBIX 2k18 on10th and 13th July, 2018.

    The National level Techfest RUBIX 2k18 was conducted by Department of Computer Science and Engineering, NCERC, Pampady on 10th and 13th July, 2018. The fest was arranged to nurture both creative and technical innovations among students. The events in the fest included paper presentation, poster designing and technical quiz.

  • 2017 and earlier
  • One day workshop on Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security by Mr. Rizwan Shaikh, Founder & CTO, Prinstine Infosolutions.
  • Two days national workshop on Voice Controlled Robot (Speak Robo).
  • One day mentor-ship workshop on STARTUP 2016.
  • One day workshop on Basics of Core JAVA.
Placement Status of 2019 batch

53 students of the final year Computer Science and Engineering department is placed in various companies. Most of the students have received offer letters from more than 1 company that sums up a total of 62 offer letters till date. The number of students placed with the company name is listed below:


  • CTS

  • FACE



  • IBS


  • TCS


Calicut University Rank Holders
2014-18 Batch
  • Punam A Nair - 1st Rank
  • Neeshma P R - 19th Rank
  • Sowmyamol A - 28th Rank
  • Sreeraj Thampan - 31st Rank
  • Reshma S - 31st Rank
2013-17 Batch

Six students of Computer Science and Engineering department secured ranks under the top 50 positions of Calicut University for the 2013-17 batch

  • Megala 4th Rank
  • Kavya T S 23rd Rank
  • Balalinath R 35th Rank
  • Vivek M V 36th Rank
  • Deepthy C 38th Rank
  • VidyaWarrier 38th Rank
  • 2012-16 batches of Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology attained a total of 8 ranks in Calicut University.
  • Mr. Vishnu N (2011-2015 batch alumni) has launched a startup company named Quad PROSO through Kerala Startup Mission.
  • World Record in Ethical Hacking Workshop(HR-WRHCBE 8066) – Sreeraj Thamban
  • World Record in Hack Android Workshop (HA-WRHCBE 4562) – Sreeraj Thamban
Staff Achievement:

Inspire Annual Event at Infosys Mysore on 20th September 2017 – Seven faculties recognized for various partnership level certificates

  • Anu Rinny Sunny(Bronze)
  • Preethy Mol B(Bronze)
  • Mary Mareena P V(Bronze)
  • Shiji S(Bronze)
  • Shinu Acca Mani(Bronze)
  • Sruthy M R(Silver)
  • Silja Varghese(Silver)

Inspire Annual Event at Infosys Mysore on 17th August 2016

  • Mary Mareena P V(Bronze)
  • Vipin K M(Silver)
  • Avanish Kumar Singh(Silver)
IEEE Publication

The research paper of our M.Tech student SaradhaSreekumar (2015-17 batch) titled “Comparative analysis of semantic knowledge-based techniques for understanding short texts” was published in IEEE forum through an International Conference on Innovations in Information, Embedded and Communication systems held at Karpagam College of Engineering, Coimbatore on 17th and 18th March, 2017.