NCERC is located in an eco friendly green and serene environment has an excellent infrastructure, well equipped labs, computer library, well stacked modern digital library, 64 mbps wi-fi,advanced sports, games and fitness facility, health club, gym, volley ball, football, basket ball court, separate hostel for girls and boys, Canteen, more than 40 buses for commutation of students from Thrissur, Palakkad and Malappuram Districts. ATM facility. Active NSS and NCC units.


The first academic block with a built up area of 1 lakh sq. ft. is named after Bhaskaracharya, a genius in Algebra. This building houses the board room, conference room, faculty cabins, tutorial rooms, first year class rooms, electronics laboratories, computer science laboratories, language lab, drawing halls, gymnasium, billiards room and the store.The departments of Civil engineering and Applied Sciences and Humanities also operate from here.


‘Aryabhatta’ named after the famous astronomer ‘Aryabhatta’, is a hexagonal six storied academic building, having a built up area of 1.25 lakhs sq. ft. It houses 5 U.G and P.G. departments,Principal`s office, academic office, conference room, board room, cabins of faculty, seminar hall, Placement Office,computer laboratories and tutorial rooms.


This building, named after the eminent Astrologer and Astronomer, ‘Varahmihira’ houses a workshop with an area of 30000 sq.ft. is the main workshop building with twelve workshops of Mechanical Engineering Department, and three Laboratories of Electrical Engineering Department and a Civil Engineering lab.


This block, named after the ancient Indian astronomer Brahmagupta, has a total area of 30,000 sq. ft. and the block houses the main Auditorium on the second floor with a seating capacity of 800 people. The Library with a seating capacity of 300 students and a modern automobile workshop of 7000 sq. ft. and a newly established Electronics Laboratory.


This block, named after Kapila, who is .known as the Father of cosmology and the founder of Sankhya Philosophy has an area of 60.000 sq. ft. This block houses MBA & MCA Departments, board room, tutorial rooms, faculty cabins, class rooms, seminar halls, PG library, yoga hall and computer laboratories.


NCERC Central Library is located on the ground floor of the Brahmagupta block and is the real centres of learning.The library has got a rich collection of books on different domains of Science and Technology,journals,periodicals and other printed materials besides audio,visual and electronic information service,media workshops. The library also digitalized to meet most advanced information requirement with fully automated with software and equipped with 64MBPS internet connectivity for easy and fast access.

Kamala, Priyadarshini and Kasturba Hostels

NCERC, located in a picturesque campus, proudly boast of a range of excellent accommodation facilities available to every budget. We provide good food and courteous catering to suit every wallet. Staying at NCERC will be an exhilarating experience, especially if you are moving away from home for the first time. The ladies hostel’Kasturba’, can house 500 girls students.Another block ‘Priyadarsini’ can accommodate 100 persons , which is used for PG students and faculty members.The men`s hostel can accommodate 500 students and various recreational facilities are made available for all the hostlers which include dedicated Wifi facility,Shuttle Badminton Court, Multigym and a Mini Library.

Faculty Quarters and Men’s Hostel

Sivasree Apartments, the guest house of NCERC with all modern facilities has been used as residential quarters for faculty members. Various recreational facilities are also made available here.


A canteen is, of course, the most vibrant rendezvous where the students freely share views and feelings with their friends. It is, indeed, an integral part of student life in the campus. The canteen, named after the mythological K i n g N a l a , w h o had been renowned for his culinary expertise has a built up area of 18000 sq.ft. and is a three storied building with the most modern and hygienic kitchen facilities, where high quality food is served at concessional rates. It is open from 8.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M. on all working days including Saturday. Apart from the main canteen,the college equips a Cafeteria Shop where students get delicious food at affordable rates.

Fitness Centre

Reaffirming the proverb, “Health is wealth” the college Fitness Center houses an ultra-modern gymnasium, catering to the needs of the fitness enthusiasts. Staff and students use the gymnasium under the guidance of professional trainers. Its state-of-the-art equipment includes bench press, peck deck, bicep curl, lateral pulley and body twister machines, treadmills and muscle building equipment.

Green Zone

This Relaxation Area is designed to help students improve their emotional, mental and physical health. Spending time in green spaces with friends has indeed great psychological and physical impacts on the psyche of the students. Simply taking a walk in a natural area has been shown to decrease negative thinking and the risk of depression.

The terrain of the campus is so designed to collect every drop of rain water in the three ponds/ water bodies , well maintained inside the campus. The water so collected is used for Agriculture and gardening. We have plantations including rubber, plantains, coconut ,jackfruit, and mango trees .Oxygen zones , fresh air zones and Mini forest are defined, developed and maintained in the campus. A vegetation area and green house creates the culture of Organic farming. The pisciculture is encouraged by initiating fish farms in our water bodies.

24×7 ATM

An ATM counter of Dhanlaxmi Bank Ltd. functions at the main entrance of the NCERC. The staff and the students use the ATM quite frequently to do the transactions. It is open to the public also.


The college provides transportation facility for both students and the staff. There are more than 40 buses, both AC and Non AC, to take care of the students’ traveling requirements which covers most of the Thrissur,Palakkad and Malappuram districts. Senior staff members are provided with special transportation facility.

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