Department of Master of Computer Applications


Master of Computer Applications programme is a TWO-YEAR course of intensive theory and practical work. It is spread over a period of four semesters which enables the students to get familiar with the usage of Computer using latest programming languages and large number of Applications. The course also develops the capabilities of the students in preparation of System software. The students undergo at least one minor project to familiarize with software development processes. They also present at least One General Seminar to embrace with novel technological patterns. The placement cell helps students in finding suitable placements. During the 4th semester, students generally network with the industries and implement a real time project which is directly useful to the organization concerned.


  • To impart basic understanding of concepts, strategies, tools and techniques if Information technology.
  • To provide a strong foundation in all technical aspects of computers and their applications.
  • To develop communication capabilities and soft skills necessary for contemporary IT professionals.
  • To help to acquire experience in IT application in industry through projects on computer application software.
  • To redefine the learning experience through Club Activities, team MCA Association Forums & NCERC Holistic Approach.


Dr. Sudheer Sankara Marar

Professor & HOD - MCA

Coaching students to apply knowledge and skills is one exceptionally high impact method to foster their capabilities across all scholarly disciplines.

“ Knowledge is the Potential.
Applying that knowledge is Power.
Understanding situations of Applications is the real wisdom..!”
( Takeda Shingen, Japanese Military leader and Warlord )

Applications play a vital role in all Computer domains as it is an end-user program that enables the users to do many things in an Information system. These applications form the core of any Computer based modus operandi systems.

Today in digital era, We live in a world of diversified apps..! Lifestyle apps, Social apps, Entertainment apps, Communication apps, Governance apps.. At this point, applications are an integral part of our daily lives; even businesses that never would’ve needed apps in the past, are now rapidly getting into the game. Applications which allow performing explicit tasks are available for PCs, Mobile devices & Media platforms.

The notion that ‘technology is the application of science’, reasons the precise selection of appropriate knowledge, the adoption of various criteria and the re-shaping of knowledge to make it acquiescent to the technologist.

In this context, Application oriented PG programs like MCA becomes more significant and practical. Master of Computer Applications programme is a perfect blend of intensive theory and practical work, which enables the students to get familiar with the updated Computational conventions using latest programming methodologies and large number of Applications. Recently during the Covid19 period, we have been witnessing the prominent role that the IT is providing to almost all domains, be it business, education or governance.. This has undoubtfully boosted the very demand of Computer Application Professionals; and NCERC-MCA is all set to deliver that breed of specialists.


To create a school of distinction for the PG students, prepare them to be industry- ready, and achieve Academic excellence by continuous endorsement of the Faculty team in terms of Academics, Applications & Research.


The Department of Computer Applications strives to provide quality and competency- based education and fine-tune the younger generation through Curricular, Co-Curricular and Extra-curricular activities so as to encounter the Professional and Personnel challenges ahead with Pragmatic skills & courage , thereby ‘Creating the True Citizens’.


Engineering Graduates will be able to:

  • Results produced by the department were always good and rated above university average.
  • Interpersonal skills and student bondage are excellent.
  • Faculty-student monitoring always reaped successful result.
  • 12 intercollegiate festivals were conducted in a grand way.
  • 12 technical magazines published, with 100% making by students.
  • 11 industrial visits organized with high end enthusiasm
  • 5 celluloid project released with good standard
  • Increasing Alumni participation boosts the department value.


  • To equip with students with necessary industry-ready skills
  • To achieve educational excellence in terms of Academic , applications and Research
  • To provide a platform were technical creativity nurtures.
  • To create an atmosphere were team work and organization skills can cherish.
  • To mould our PG students with right level of personal and professional maturity


Eligibility Criteria For 2 Year MCA Program

  • Candidates should have Passed BCA / Bachelor Degree in Computer Science Engineering or equivalent Degree OR Passed B.Sc. /B.Com /B.A with Mathematics at 10+2 Level or at Graduation Level. The candidate should have secured a minimum aggregate of 50% marks in their qualifying Exam but, it is 45% for candidates belonging to reserved category. For SC/ST candidates, a minimum pass in the degree exam is sufficient; no rounding off of percentage of marks to the nearest higher integer is permitted.
  • The candidate should be eligible in the Kerala MCA Entrance exam, being conducted by LBS