M.Tech. VLSI Design


VLSI Integrated circuit (IC) with the latest technology can have a million or more components in it. Designing the IC, describing the design at different levels and the details required for fabrication so that the IC can be tested satisfactorily are all challenging tasks considering the size and complexity of ICs at this level. The complexity implies challenges that demand talent. A career in VLSI is rewarding as well as challenging.

A VLSI expert wears many a hat. The Job demands sound footing in basic electronics and digital electronics, familiarity with different processor architecture, capability of carving architectures and realizing them through functional blocks. The M.Tech program in VLSI Design prepares and trains the students for the above requirements.

The Program contains a number of courses and electives. Course comprises of topics like Advance Mathematics, Digital Design and optimization, Computer aided Design of VLSI circuits, and fabrication of VLSI Circuits, embedded controllers, Wavelets, Hexagonal Image Processing, Digital system Design etc., and hands-on exercises in VLSI Design Laboratories will be an essential part of the program. Students also will present seminars and work on minor and major projects, where they will apply the knowledge gained in class rooms and laboratories to solve problems.