Nehru School of Management - MBA


Dr Krishna Kumar T P

HoD & Professor

In line with our motto of “Moulding True Citizen, NSM, over the years has tried to impart high quality management education through academic rigor as well a sample industry interface.

Our programme is uniquely structured in which core and elective courses dealing with concepts, analytical and quantitative methodologies, functional specializations, industrial and business domains, professional development and industrial/business projects are offered. Our pedagogy is a well balanced mix of lectures, case studies, assignments, simulations, group exercises, seminars, and projects that enables all our students to realize their potential to become excellent managers.

Our faculty members are experts in terms of academic expertise and professional experience. They bring in methodological mastery, intellectual rigor, business perspectives and practical experience into the educational process. The MBA curriculum equips students with tools to lead and manage in today’s ever- changing business landscape. The focus is not just on the underlying theory, but how to apply cutting-edge concepts to real, relevant business problems.

The Business Schools has maintained good results and placement record as a result of our hard working culture, supported by a dynamic management. Today NSM has attained the position of a much sought after Business schools by students all over Kerala as well as nearby states. The program teaches students to not only recognize opportunity, but to create it, an essential ability in a business environment that is constantly evolving both inside and outside of their organizational environment. NSM focuses exclusively on leadership education with focus on education and research in solving the leadership challenges plaguing the organizations of today.

It is my pleasure to invite you to be a part of this “ Life Transforming Learning Experience ”.