• Strict discipline and silence is to be observed, any type of group discussion is not allowed inside the library.
  • Staff , students and visitors must enter their name in the register maintained for the same.
  • Students, faculty members must have their smart card to enter the library.
  • Library Transaction time from 8.45 am to 5.00 pm
  • The privilege of borrowing books from the Library is restricted to the members only.
  • Staff should bring their library card for transaction.
  • Members shall not bring personal belongings and any printed materials inside the library.
  • A student can borrow 3 books at a time for the period of ‘15’ days.
  • Staff can borrow 5 books at a time for the period of ‘30’ days.
  • Both staff and students can take CD/ DVD for the period of ‘ 7 ’ days.
  • Books given on loan may be renewed for a further period provided no other members reserved the same.
  • Library books will be issued to faculty members & students only during the scheduled time and can return at any time.
  • Library books should be properly looked after and deposited on or before the due date.
  • Overdue fine are there for late return.
  • The users are expected to examine the books before getting issued from library. If any damage or defect found, it should be brought to the attention of the librarian and get it properly recorded before getting that book issued.
  • If any books is found damaged while returning and there is no record of previous damage, the borrower will be responsible for that. Depending upon the severity of damage or lost, the borrower will have to pay up to an amount equal to double the cost of current price or triple amount of actual cost of the book. The membership of the borrower may also be cancelled.
  • Stealing/Marking, underlining, writing, cutting, folding of pages are strictly prohibited and liable to be punished if librarian detects any such damage to the library book.
  • Librarian reserves the right to recall the book from the borrower at any time in case of urgency.
  • Do not misplace the books on shelf. While browsing books, no book should be replaced by the user on the stack themselves, keep them on reading table.
  • Reference books, journals, periodicals, newspapers, projects, reports and question papers are to be read in the library, those are not to be issued.
  • Those who are using internet facility are instructed to enter their name in the register maintained for the same. And their search should be limited to academic purpose only.

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